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ECONOMY The Dynamics of Change in the Food Retail Trade Market in Poland  (DOI10.15199/65.2022.2.1)Katarzyna Kosior  2 Wiew more Grocery retail trade accounts for almost one-third of the retail market in Poland. Despite the difficult economic situation – the shock caused by the COVID pandemic, the war in Ukraine and rising inflation – the agri-food retail industry has […]

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ECONOMY Food Market and Industry in 2022  (DOI10.15199/65.2022.1.1)Iwona Szczepaniak, Łukasz Ambroziak, Jadwiga Drożdż, Robert Mroczek  2 Wiew more The year 2022 was a time of turbulence in the global economy, resulting from the post-pandemic recovery, but above all, a time of high instability on global food markets related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The aim of the […]

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ECONOMY Importance Of the Food Industry in The Economy of Poland and The European Union  (DOI10.15199/65.2022.12.1)Iwona Szczepaniak, Łukasz Ambroziak, Małgorzata Bułkowska, Jadwiga Drożdż  5 Wiew more In recent years, the food industry in Poland has been developing in dynamically changing external conditions. However, enterprises skilfully adapted to functioning in difficult conditions, which allowed them to achieve good […]

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ECONOMY Changes In Fruits and Vegetables Consumption in The European Union Countries  (DOI10.15199/65.2022.11.1)Mariola Kwasek  2 Wiew more The article presents changes in the fruits and vegetables consumption in the European Union in 2010-2019 and self-sufficiency rates in fruits and vegetables in 2017-2019. The obtained results are used to monitor progress towards a transition to a healthier and […]

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ECONOMY The Impact of The Armed Conflict in Ukraine on The Dairy Industry in Poland  (DOI10.15199/65.2022.10.1)Piotr Szajner  2 Wiew more The war in Ukraine affects the market situation in the domestic dairy industry mainly through price trends on the global market. Large increases in energy and agricultural commodity prices, as well as logistical disruptions in supply chains, […]

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ECONOMY Polish Trade in Agri-Food Products in The Face of An Ending Pandemic, Rising Inflation and The War in Ukraine  (DOI10.15199/65.2022.9.1)Małgorzata Bułkowska  2 Wiew more The article presents the changes in Polish foreign trade in agri-food products in 2021 and the first half of 2022, as well as the prospects for its further development in the conditions […]

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ECONOMY Importance Of Domestic and Imported Raw Materials in Food Production in Poland  (DOI10.15199/65.2022.8.1)Iwona Szczepaniak, Piotr Szajner  6 Wiew more The production of food products in Poland shows high dynamics of development. The raw material base consists mainly of products from domestic agriculture. The progressing internationalization processes of the Polish food economy mean that the importance of […]

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ECONOMY Climatic Competitiveness of Enterprises in The Polish Agri-Food Sector  (DOI10.15199/65.2022.7.1)Renata Grochowska  4 Wiew more This article presents the challenges faced by enterprises in the field of „green” transformation, including the Polish agri-food sector. Particular attention was paid to barriers in the adaptation of Polish companies to the current EU climate policy, new pro-climate requirements for enterprises, […]

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ECONOMY Juice Sector in Poland  (DOI10.15199/65.2022.6.1)Iwona Szczepaniak, Bożena Nosecka  4 Wiew more The article presents the level and changes in the production, consumption and export of juices, nectars as well as fruit and fruit and vegetable beverages in Poland in the years 2012-2021. The position of the Polish juice and beverages sector among other European Union countries […]

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ECONOMY Polish Agri-Food Trade with The United Kingdom in The First Year After Brexit   (DOI10.15199/65.2022.5.1)Łukasz Ambroziak  4 Wiew more The aim of the article was to describe the changes that took place in the Polish-British trade in agri-food products in 2021, i.e. the first year of the functioning of the United Kingdom outside the European Single […]