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ECONOMY Brexit: Balance of Benefits and Losses in Polish-British Agri-Food Trade  (DOI10.15199/65.2022.7.1)Łukasz Ambroziak  2 View more The aim of the article is to describe the changes that have taken place in the Polish-British trade in agri-food products after Brexit and the changes in Poland’s position in food supplies to the British market. From 1 January, 2021, EU-UK […]

Content 6/2023

ECONOMY Sector of Concentrated and Drinking Juices in Poland  (DOI10.15199/65.2022.6.1)Iwona Szczepaniak, Bożena Nosecka  3 View more The article describes the level and changes in the production of concentrated juices and drinking juices in Poland in the years 2015- 2022. It also presents trends in the consumption of these products in the country as well as changes in […]

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ECONOMY Investments In the Food Industry  (DOI10.15199/65.2023.5.1)Jadwiga Drożdż  2 View more In the food industry, after many years of investment recovery, starting with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a reduction in investment outlays in real terms. The purpose of this article is to assess the investment activity of food industry enterprises, both of the […]

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ECONOMY The Red Meat And Poultry Sector In Poland During The Recent Market Turbulence  (DOI10.15199/65.2023.4.1)Robert Mroczek  3 View more The article attempts to assess the domestic red meat and poultry sector in 2019-2022. During this period, two independent events took place that left their mark on the functioning of the global economy. The year 2020 and also […]

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ECONOMY Fish Processing Sector in Poland – the Entity Structure and Financial Standing   (DOI10.15199/65.2023.3.1)Krzysztof Hryszko  3 Wiew more The fish and seafood processing branch is featured with a high degree of concentration. Despite relatively high number of enterprises (approx. 310-320), only a few companies account for roughly 75% of total sales of the branch. In addition […]