Contents 4/2008

przemysł spożywczy okladka nr 4/2008


  • 2 Designing of New Food Products. Part I – Andrzej Lenart
    • The future of the food industry is provided by the continuous new food product development. In this paper definition of new food product and its development were put to trial. Different groups of new food product were enumerated. Importance of new packaging, innovation and creation in new food product development was underlined.
      KEY WORDS: new foods, development, packaging, innovation, creation
  • 8 Optimization of Processes in Enterprise – Mieczysław Marek Obiedziński
    • High quality, product safety and low price – these are today product attributes client is looking for. This why process optimization has a crucial role for saving valuable resources, meet ambitious production goals, and achieve the best possible profit margins. The article presents the rules of optimization and describes useful modern tools like six-Sigma, Lean Management and benchmarking.
      KEY WORDS: optimization, process
  • 14 Freeze Dryers for Food Dorota Witrowa-Rajchert
    • Freeze drying is a method for removing water by material freezing and ice sublimation that guarantees quality of product higher than that obtained by other ways of drying. Most popular industrial dryers are periodical devices where material undergoing drying is placed on the suitable treys and a heat is supplied by conduction or irradiation. In the dryers of continuous system the material placed on the treys moves through succeeding zones or, in the form of granulated bed, is exposed to agitation. Freeze drying intensification can be achieved by supplying energy in the form of high frequency waves, particularly as microwave power.
      KEY WORDS: freezing, sublimation, spray freeze dryer, microwave freeze Ryder


  • 22 Water Activity as an Important Parameter of Food Stability – Zbigniew Pałacha
    • In the article water activity was defined and its influence on quality and stability of food was described. Influence of water activity on biological processes such as microbial growth, enzymatic reactions is presented. Moreover, the influence of water activity on chemical reactions and changes of physical properties of the food material are discussed. The selected methods use to measure water activity was described.
      KEY WORDS: water activity, stability of food, methods to measure aw
  • 32 Safety Problems Concerning Fats and Oils in Poland – Krzysztof Krygier
    • Fat is a food component of a very high importance. It can be both, very healthy and very unhealthy. Healthy – when proper and unchanged fats are consumed. Unhealthy because of bad natural composition or undesirable products formed during technological and culinary processes or storage. In Poland the main safety problem is a lack of any regulation on frying fats quality. Such regulations are just under preparation. European and Polish problem is lack of any regulation of trans isomers of fatty acids, acrylamide or furan concentration in food.
      KEY WORDS: fats, oils, frying, diet, trans fatty acids


  • 36 Foreign Trade of Dairy Products – Piotr Szajner
    • An upward tendency in foreign trade in dairy products prevailed in 2007. The exports are estimated to increase primarily in terms of value. On the other hand as regards the market share dairy imports are still of marginal importance. Favourable developments on the world market were the main reasons for such boost in the dairy exports. The share of raw material and semi-processed products in the structure of exported dairy products contracts in favour of processed products. The Polish dairy sector becomes more and more linked with the EU market. The EU based companies are the main trading partners of Polish dairy enterprises.
      KEY WORDS: export, import, dairy products


  • 45 Soon New Regulation on Food Additives – Joanna Gajda-Wyrębek
    • As the Act of 25 August 2006 on Food and Nutrition Safety are in force, the current Regulation of Ministry of Health on food additives and processing aids is going to be replaced by three regulations: on food additives, on flavorings and on extraction solvents. The changes in line with the directive 2006/52/WE of the European Parliament and the Council are incorporated into the new regulation on food additives; the main changes refer to nitrate and nitrite usage in food and authorization of seven new food additives.
      KEY WORDS: food additives, legislation, new regulation


  • 48 Nutrition and Health Claims – Iwona Wrześniewska-Wal
    • Intake of some food products may make our diet more balanced. Food producers can abuse consumer confidence using certain health claims in order to convince consumers to buying their products. Necessity of prevention of that kind of abuse forced EC to issue regulation No. 1924/2006 about health and nutrition claims concerning nutritional and healthy values of food.
      KEY WORDS: health claims, nutrition claim, food, consumer protection, food label