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okładka "Przemysł Spożywczy" 9/2009


  • 2 Supply and Demand on the Market of Frozen Fruit and Vegetables in Poland – Bożena Nosecka
    • A dominant position of frozen fruit and vegetables in the Polish sector of horticultural processing products has strengthened after the accession of Poland to the European Union. We also maintained the first place in production and export of frozen fruit to EU and the second place in production and export of frozen vegetables. However, in 2008/2009 a dynamic tendency in production, export and consumption of frozen vegetables has been broken due to decrease of demand in Poland and Europe caused by the economic recession. Prices in export of frozen vegetables should not be lower than the high level of the last years. Frozen fruit, as it has been so far, will be characterized by a significant variability.
      KEY WORDS: frozen fruit and vegetables, exports, imports, consumption, prices
  • 8 Competitiveness of Polish Agri-Food Producers on Ukrainian Market – Mirosława Tereszczuk
    • Ukraine is one of the most significant economic and trade partners of Poland. During 2000-2008 the foreign trade in agri-food products between Poland and Ukraine increased considerably. In 2008 the value of turnovers of foreign trade in agricultural products between Poland and Ukraine amounted almost to 650 mln Euro and were four-time higher then that in 2000. Value of exports of agri-food products from Poland to Ukraine during the years 2000-2008 increased over threefold (from 133 to 422 mln Euro). Import in this period increased over nine folds from 24 mln Euro in 2000 to 222 mln Euro in 2008. In structure of export to Ukraine dominate first of all: meat and its products live animals, fresh fruits and vegetables. Poland imports from Ukraine mainly: cereals and plant oils.
      KEY WORDS: competitiveness, agri-food products, Ukrainian market, import, export, food producers
  • 14 Fish Sector in Poland – Development Tendencies – Krzysztof Hryszko
    • In 2008 the value of fish processing in Poland reached a record level of PLN 5 billion, which was double as much as prior the accession to the EU. The development of the sector is primarily determined by exports to the EU market where smoked salmon, processed herrings and cod fillets are traded (roughly 2/3 of the export value). Despite an upward tendency, domestic demand is still relatively small. Fish processing is mostly based on imported raw material, which makes the sector dependant on the world market situation and the exchange rate.
      KEY WORDS: fishery, fish processing, foreign trade, fish consumption


  • 19 Refrigerating Containers – Perishable Cargo Transport – Ludmiła Filina
    • Seaports play a significant role in the cold chain of containerized perishable cargoes. These ports have continuously to adapt to service of growing quantity of refrigerating containers. The paper presents hazard situations affecting quality of perishable cargoes transported in containers, and recommendations allowing increasing the level of transported perishable cargo safety. One of the often occurring and long-lasting risk factors is cutting off of electric supply on the seaport territory, which can result in quality loss.
      KEY WORDS: refrigerating container, perishable cargo, safety


  • 26 Synthetic Refrigerants – Review of Law Regulations – Urszula Stęplewska, Krzysztof Maćkowiak, Paweł Kuleta
    • Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) are synthetic refrigerants commonly called freons. These gasses have negative impact on ecosystem. They cause an increase in the value of Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and the value of Global Warming Potential (GWP). In this work, the law regulations concerning these compounds are presented
      KEY WORDS: synthetic refrigerants, freons, destruction of ozone, greenhouse effect, law regulations


  • 30 Revolution in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning – Forgotten Union – Prohibitions – Michał Dobrzyński
  • 34 Culinary Beef – Post-Mortem Factors and Meat Quality – Marek Cierach, Jacek Niedźwiedź, Maciej Borzyszkowski
    • The quality of culinary beef depends not only on biotic aspects, but also, in significant degree, on post-mortem factors. This article focuses on the post-mortem factors, which are required for obtaining high quality meat. The most important factor that influences characteristic features of culinary beef is post-mortem meat aging process. Changes occurring in this process contribute to growth of proper tenderness, juiciness, bright color and high nutrition value.
      KEY WORDS: culinary beef, meat quality, post-mortem changes, meat aging, cooling, packaging


  • 38 Nutraceuticals – Additives with Pro-Health Properties and Bioactive Substances in Food -Bożena Waszkiewicz-Robak, Franciszek Świderski
    • In the paper, the newest definition of nutraceuticals is presented. Nutraceuticals are categorized basing on different criteria, that are its origin, chemical structure and pro-health properties. Nutraceuticals with antineoplastic, antioxidative and osteogenic activity as well as those that improve blood lipid profile and generally strengthening organism are described in this work. Products with an increased amount of nutraceuticals are specified. Moreover, the paper contains a reference to legal regulation concerning nutritional and sanitary statements and the safety of the consumption of nutraceuticals.
      KEY WORDS: nutraceuticals, biologically ac tive substances, pro-health influence, nutrition and health claims
  • 43 Food Terrorism – Agents of Threats – Waldemar Dzwolak
    • One of the new food safety hazards, which appears in highly developed countries is food terrorism. The term means deliberate use of foodstuffs as a vehicle of biological, chemical and radio-nuclear agents for terrorist acts. In this article some fundamental agents of potential terrorist threats and some basic information on prevention of food terrorism in USA, EU and Poland are discussed.
      KEY WORDS: bioterrorism, food terrorism, health security, food safety


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