Contents 3/2008

przemysł spożywczy okładka nr 3/2008


  • 2 Fast Development of Animal Products Processing – Jadwiga Drożdż
    • After the integration with the EU a fast growth of the animal products processing has been noticed. It has been a phenomenon common in all the branches of the processing. The financial results of all particular branches have improved and their financial state has been secure and stable. The amount of own capital has grown, and the own assets have financed (covered) 19% of working capital of the enterprises.
      KEY WORDS: animal products processing, economic and financial situation
  • 6 Changes in Market of Milk – Jadwiga Seremak-Bulge
    • Considerable improvement in the situation on the world market in 2007 caused an increase of prices and deregulation of the domestic dairy market. Milk and dairy products were among these products which prices were rising most dynamically. Considerable increase of export prices caused further price-hike. Growth of procurement prices was higher than rise in retail and producer prices. Despite these facts milk procurement registered by Polish entities was constantly decreasing since May 2007. In December 2007 this tendency was inverted. The rise of prices, the change of production structure and betterment of processing effectiveness caused almost 11% rise in selling value and considerable improvement in financial condition of the dairy industry. Nevertheless in the second half of 2007 and projected for 2008 the profitability of milk processing will worsen because of considerable increase of production costs. Dairy factories have become more sensitive to the situation on the world market.
      KEY WORDS: market of milk, dairy industry, milk and dairy products
  • 12 Market of Meat. Production Increases – Profitability not Necessarily – Robert Mroczek
    • Year 2007 was record-breaking regarding to the production of the main kinds of meat. Production of pork, beef and poultry exceeded 3.6 million tones and was higher by approx. 7% that in 2003. At the same time profitability of pork production worsened significantly, what resulted from the low purchase prices of pigs and the high prices of cereals as well as feed of industrial origin. Export of pork was hindered due to over-production in the EU countries as well as zloty’s appreciation. The growing trend of export is being maintained in beef and poultry. The growth of production was accompanied by stabilization of domestic demand.
      KEY WORDS: meat market, production meat, pork, beef, poultry, European Union, trade, demand, supply


  • 16 Meat of Exotic Animals – Untypical Source of Proteins – Dariusz Nowak
    • Present work shows alternative sources of animal proteins. Meat can come from farm animals (cattle, pigs and poultry) as well as from quite new exotic sources. Travelling, opened borders and import of new kinds of meat give the opportunity for consumers to taste the ostrich, kangaroo or the native beaver meat and addition to national venison.
      KEY WORDS: meat, venison, meat of exotic animals


  • 22 Saccharides and Polysaccharides in Meat Processing – Aneta Cegiełka
    • In the article, functions of mono- and disaccharides, starch, starch preparations and nonstarch polysaccharide hydrocolloids, are presented. The most important functional properties of those substances as food additives as well as the potential benefits of their use in meat processing are described there.
      KEY WORDS: functional additives, monosaccharides, disaccharides, starch, polysaccharide hydrocolloids
  • 30 Food Additives and Food Ingredient in the Production of Liquid Dairy Products – Dorota Zaręba, Małgorzata Ziarno
    • The paper presents the current knowledge on the food additives used in the production of different non-fermented and fermented liquid dairy products. Those food additives and food ingredients have to create a suitable taste, smell, or the consistency, to preserve, to stabilize the structure, or to increase the nutritional value of non-fermented and fermented liquid dairy products.
      KEY WORDS: food additives, food ingredient, milk, yoghurt, kefir, cultured buttermilk, cream, cultured cream


  • 36 Dried Herbs and Spices as a Source of Micotoxins – Katarzyna Janda-Ulfig, Krzysztof Ulfig
    • Microbial contamination of dried herbs and spices may results in biodeterioration of plant material and production of micotoxins. In this article moulds isolated from dried herbs and spices along with micotoxins are presented.
      KEY WORDS: dried herbs, spices, moulds, micotoxins
  • 42 Cross-Compliance Rules Probably Obligatory from January 2009 – Jacek Leonkiewicz
  • 45 Rapid Alert System RASFF – Paweł Mirosz, Irena Ozimek
    • Consumer protection is currently a priority of European Union that is realized among others by ensuring high level of food and feed safety. The creation of RASFF was aimed to increase responsibility and strengthen the cooperation between the member states to limit efficiently turnover of unsafe food and feed and support at the same time health protection of consumers in the European Union. Only in 2006 there were defeated to enter the market or withdrawn from the market more than 6594 products. The highest number of alert notification sent to RASFF system referred to the metabolites of mildew and next the presence of microbiological contaminants, on the third place there was the chemical food contaminants.
      KEY WORDS: food, food safety, rapid alert system, RASFF