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  • 2 The World Pork Market – Danuta Rycombel
    • There were various tendencies in pork production over the period of 1995-2000 depending upon the prices of feed components and the volume of industrial feed-mixtures’ production. The fastest growth was observed in the EU and the slowest one in the South America. The increase in consumption in Asia triggered a rise in the world trade in pork by 2.5 times. At the same time the main pork exporters (USA, Canada) showed a decline in consumption. The increase of consumption in Brazil lagged behind that one observed in importing countries. Pork consumption kept a high level only in the EU with persisting self-sufficiency of the region. The increase in exports from the EU to the world market was lower than it was in the case of both Americas because after the accession of the new Member States, intra-EU trade was increased.
      KEY WORDS: pork production in the regions, consumption, word trade, prices of grain and pork
  • 6 Global Market of Fish Raw Materials – Piotr J. Bykowski
    • The intensive fishing during the recent decades of the twentieth century has led to changes in the sea ecosystem and overfishing in the grounds of the most valuable species. Despite the intensive efforts undertaken by international institutions and organizations, the inhibition of the mentioned negative process occurred to be unsuccessful. It seems that an improvement of the situation can be brought about by initiating the introduction of certificates for both fish catching and raw materials. In the article, the prognoses for the development of global fisheries concerning mainly the aquaculture in the coming decades have been presented.
      KEY WORDS: world fishery, fishing, aquacultures, forecasts


  • 12 Whole-grain Cereal Products in the University Students’ Nutrition – Ewa Sicińska, Malwina Chłodnicka
    • The aim of this study was to assess the consumption of cereal products with particular regard to whole-grain products, among 150 university students. The study was conducted in 2010-2011; 3-day dietary records were collected to assess dietary intake. The average daily intake of cereal products was higher among men (234 g) than among women (168 g). Whole grain products constituted 31% of the consumed cereals. Almost one fifth of the respondents did not consume a single serving of whole grains per day, and 22% of the respondents ate less than one serving of these products daily. The largest share in the consumption of whole-grain products belonged to bread (59%) and breakfast cereals (25%). To increase the intake of whole-grain cereal products among young people, the wide public education on the role of these products in maintaining good health is necessary.
      KEYWORDS: consumption, cereal products, whole grain, university students
  • 16 Obesity and Overweight. Part I. Global Problem of Contemporary Civilization – Danuta Górecka
    • Excessive food intake, too high calorie daily diet and excess of animal fat and sugar lead to obesity or overweight. Many epidemiological studies show an association between a very low intake of dietary fiber and obesity and cardiovascular diseases. The mentioned studies also indicate an influence of a low physical activity on the development of obesity. The most important causes of obesity are change in human lifestyle, reduced physical activity and excessive consumption of high-energy diet. In the article, the epidemiology, etiology, and types of obesity, as well as products about the naturally low energy value, have been discussed.
      KEY WORD: obesity, epidemiology, classification, low energetic value products


  • 21 Cereal Fructans – Functional Food Ingredients – Iwona Jasińska, Maciej Jakub Kuligowski, Piotr Kołodziejczyk, Jan Michniewicz
    • Fructans are functional food components which belong to dietary fiber. Health-promoting and technological properties of fructans make them very popular food additives. Currently, inulin is one of the most popular fructans. However, in this paper we have focused on less popular and underestimated source of fructans, which are cereals, especially rye. Cereal fructans affect many technological properties in bread manufacture; they influence dough yield and bread shelf life. As a prebiotics, fructans are extremely valuable from nutritional point of view, since they stimulate growth and activity of bifidobacteria in the colon.
      KEY WORDS: fructans, prebiotics, cereal, rye
  • 26 Tree Nuts – Technological Characteristic – Hanna Ciemniewska, Krzysztof Krygier
    • During the last decade, interest in nuts as a significant diet component has been growing all over the world. In the article, some facts about the production, biological properties and application of the selected tree nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios) were presented. The basic stages of nut processing were discussed along with the resulting changes in their chemical properties. Particular attention was paid to the influence of processing, throughout the entire cycle from producer to consumer, on the final quality of the delivered product.
      KEY WORDS: tree nuts, storage, nuts’ processing, nut oil
  • 32 WWA Contamination of Meat and Meat Products- New Regulations – Piotr Szymański, Andrzej Borys
    • In the article, the changes in the rules of the European Union concerning contamination of meat and meat products, as being introduced by the Commission Regulation (EU) No 835/2011 of 19 August 2011 amending the Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006 as regards maximum levels for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in foodstuffs, have been discussed. The selected data on the level of contamination of meat products with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Poland and other countries, with the consideration of new legal regulations, have been presented. The available data on the level of contamination of food with PAH indicate that the discussed level in the selected groups of domestic meat products is higher than that one which will be admitted by the new regulations of the European Union.
      KEY WORDS: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), meat products, law regulations
  • 36 Cosmic Food – Cosmic Problem – Anna Florowska, Tomasz Florowski
    • From the beginning of the organization of manned flight into space a major effort was undertaken to prepare the food for astronauts. Food for astronauts, beyond the standard features such as high nutritional value and good taste, must also meet the additional requirements related to the specific design spacecraft in which it is transported and the environmental conditions of its consumption. There are required: the minimum volume and weight of products, high durability and safety, and ease of preparation and low energy consumption. An important factor to be considered in the design of food for astronauts is also the rule of the space flight conditions close to weightlessness.
      KEY WORDS: food, astronauts, weightlessness


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