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  • 2 Nutrigenomics – a New Instrument of Personalized Nutrition – Tomasz Czernecki
    • Nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics are rapidly developing sciences on the borderline of genetics and food and nutrition sciences. Sweeping progress in a research methodology and development of research methods have greatly reduced the time and cost of genetic testing. In the article, the examples of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) used commercially for estimating the risk of certain diseases and practical implementation of the idea of personalized nutrition are presented.
      KEY WORDS: nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics, personalized nutrition
  • 8 Obesity and Overweight. Part II. Reduced Energy Products – Danuta Górecka, Patrycja Komolka
    • Food producers launch new, fat-and- sugar reduced, or low caloric products in which sugar is replaced by sweeteners. The article presents the methods to reduce the energy value of food. The characteristic of the sweeteners and fat replacers as well as products with the discussed substances were described.
      KEY WORD: sweeteners, fat replacers (fat substitutes), low energy food


  • 12 Competitiveness of Polish Food Producers – Mirosława Tereszczuk
    • Almost 10 years of functioning of Poland in the frameworks of the European Union has positively affected the development of the trade exchange of agro-food products. Very good results of the foreign trade are the evidence of this fact. During the entire period of the membership of Poland in the European Community, the value of export of agro-food products increased fourfold, and that of import three-and-half times, however the balance of turnovers increased as high as seven times. Such dynamic growth of the trade exchange of food is an evidence of the high competitiveness of Polish food producers on foreign markets. The food in final years has become a driving force of the Polish export. The nearest years should be a period of the subsequent development of the Polish food industry and the improvement of our competitiveness.
      KEY WORDS: competitiveness, food producers, foodstuffs, export, import, rates of competitiveness
  • 16 Outlook for the Food Market. Part I. The Causes of a Rise in Food Prices – Jadwiga Seremak-Bulge
    • Acceleration of economic development in developing countries along with the growing population will be crucial as regards the increase in demand for food over the world during the next decade. The increase in demand would additionally be supported by the increasing use of agricultural products for energy (despite the fact governments in certain countries announce a modification of policies’ supporting in bio-energy sector). Food prices over the next decade will be found under constantly growing pressure of high production costs linked to exhausting conventional energy sources, natural resources and finally growing concerns about health issues, animal welfare and final environment and climate changes. Growing prices would be accompanied with greater fluctuations and thus, growing risk under the conditions of reduced market support in developed countries in favour of direct support of agricultural incomes.
      KEY WORDS: food market, prices
  • 20 Polish Food Enterprises on the Ranking List of 2000 – Jadwiga Drożdż
    • Producers of food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and tobacco products constituted over the 10% of enterprises and capital groups from the List of 2000 Polish enterprises. The share of this group in turnovers amounted to about 5%. It included representatives of all sectors of the food industry. Their participation in individual trades of sectors has exceeded the 50%.In 2011, both the quantity of companies of Polish food enterprises recorded on List 2000 and a sum of their sales revenues increased. They were higher about 15%, in spite of general economic slowing down during the recent years. The economic-financial situation of food companies being present on List 2000 was good, as well as of whole food industry.
      KEY WORDS: food industry, economic and financial performance


  • 26 Decade of Regulation on Nutrition and Health Claims – Izabela Tańska
    • The legislative works on the usage of nutrition and health claim shave been in progress for over a decade. The original text of the European Commission’s proposal shave been substantially altered in the course of their work, which has involved all stakeholders. Some provisions were also modifi ed upon food business operators’ requests. A few years of the application of Regulation (EC) no 1924/2006 of the European Parliament and the Council shall be the basis for the fi rst assessments of legal tools used in the provisions.
      KEY WORDS: nutrition claim, Heath claim, Regulation (EC) no 1924/2006, legal provisions
  • 30 Building a Brand – the Seven Deadly Sins


  • 33 Product Quality and Safety in Industrial Practice. HACCP as Everyday Tool for Improvement – Małgorzata Galczak


  • 36 One More Chance to a Grant – Wiesław Wasilewski
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  • 38 Chosen Fairs for Food Industry in 2013
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