Contents 11/2007

okładka Przemysł Spożywczy 11/2007


  • 2 Interrelationship between Polish Food Producers and International Market – Janusz Rowiński
    • Polish agri-food export to „old” and „new” EU member countries fast increased after Poland’s accession to EU. The main reason was Poland’s admission into the structures of Single European Market. Polish food economy performed in the pre-accession period an important organizational and financial effort especially in the meat, fruit and vegetables, and milk sectors, introducing EU veterinary, sanitary, animal welfare and environment protection standards. Polish agri-food export in comparison to the export of other EU countries is small and Poland should increase a few times its share in intra – EU trade.
      Key words: agri-food export, food economy, membership in EU
  • 8 New Rules of the EU Fruit and Vegetable Market Organization – Bożena Nosecka
    • The reform of the fruit and vegetable market and their preserves is mainly aimed at increasing of the freedom of choice of production direction by the fruit and vegetable producers (by beginning of separation of payments from the production level) and stimulating of further concentration of horticultural products supply by increase of financing from EU funds of certain producer groups and organizations. New elements of the reform are: mechanisms of decreasing supply during the periods of high supply, withdrawing export subsidies and applying additional payments for strawberry and raspberry producers in some new member states including Poland.
      Key words: fruit and vegetable market reform, producer groups and organizations, single payment scheme, crisis management, export subsidies, import regulation mechanisms


  • 13 European Union Funds Concerning Environment Protection – Ryszard Gola Sienkiewicz


  • 15 Treatment of Water for Steam Boilers – Roman Kowalczyk
    • In the article the influence of condensates economy on a stream of treated water is presented. The influence of process of water treatment on the environment is discussed. The reasons and purposes of the water treatment for steam boilers as well as general requirements for water treatments are shown. Water softening, demineralization, degassing and dosing of inhibitors are discussed.
      Key words: water treatment, softening, demineralization, degassing
  • 26 Possibilities of Ozone Application in Food Industry – Krzysztof Krosowiak, Krzysztof Śmigielski, Piotr Dziugan
    • Possibilities of ozone applications in food industry are discussed. Methods of ozone generation, and its physical and chemical properties are given. Disinfectant activity of ozone is compared to traditional chemical disinfectants. Examples of application in storage of fruit and vegetables, in sugar and fermentation industries are demonstrated. It has been shown that proper use of ozone is safe and convenient in food processing.
      Key words: ozone, disinfection, fruit, vegetable, fermentation


  • 33 Achievements of Molecular Technology Applied in Food Analysis – Małgorzata Ziarno
    • DNA microarrays represent one of the newest advances in molecular technology, using the knowledge from genetics, PCR techniques, biochemistry, mathematical analysis, informatics and statistics. They are analytical systems offering tremendous potential for analysis of food-borne microorganisms, viruses, parasites, probiotic microorganisms, genes coding the toxins, allergens and other proteins as well as for detecting GMO products. The technology of DNA microarrays is based on the selective hybridization of target genes to complementary probe. This review provides an up-to-date look at the application of DNA microarray technology in food technology. In addition, it covers the advantages and disadvantages of DNA microarrays.
      Key words: DNA microarrays, food analysis, medicine


  • 38 Meat Consumption Tendencies in Poland, European Union and USA in the Years 1991-2004 – Bartłomiej Wasilewski, Mirosław Gornowicz
    • Main tendencies in level, dynamics and structure of meat consumption in Poland against the background of chosen EU countries and USA were determined in this work. In the analysis the period between 1991 and 2004 was taken into consideration. It has been stated that against the background of EU highly developed countries and USA meat consumption in Poland is markedly lower. In the beginning there was a slight (maximum of 15%) decrease of that consumption, and afterwards – after a stabilization period – there was an increase, however up to a bit lower level than the initial one. A drastic decrease in beef meat consumption and an increase in poultry consumption were observed in Poland.
      Key words: structure, level of meat consumption


  • 41 Alternative Distribution Channels of Food in Polish Wholesale Trade – Wacław Szymanowski
    • Alternative distribution channels of food in wholesale trade are built on the basis of electronic trade platform. The platform has a vertical or horizontal character. An example of such a platform in gastronomy is, and in the trade of raw materials and food – Taking the Stock the differences between electronic and virtual markets are presented.
      Key words: trade platform, electronic stock, virtual stock