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ECONOMY Relationships Between the Food Industry in Poland and Abroad During The COVID-19 Pandemic   (DOI10.15199/65.2021.12.1)Łukasz Ambroziak, Małgorzata Bułkowska  4 Wiew more The purpose of the article is to assess the relationship between the food industry in Poland and abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic. The subject of the study was the Polish export of food industry products, […]

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Jakość i bezpieczeństwo żywności

ECONOMY    Food Consumption in Households in Poland  (DOI10.15199/65.2021.11.1) Mariola Kwasek   2 Wiew more The article presents the level of available incomes, expenditures, including food expenditures and food consumption in households in Poland and by socio-economic groups (employees, farmers, self-employed persons, retirees and pensioners) in 2020. The analysis of food consumption in the discussed population groups in […]

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mleko i produkty mleczne

ECONOMY   Impact of the „Farm to Fork” Strategy on the Dairy Sector Development  (DOI10.15199/65.2021.10.1)Piotr Szajner  4 Wiew more The „Farm to Fork” strategy defines the conditions for the functioning of the EU agri-food sector, including the dairy industry. The Polish dairy sector is relatively well prepared to implement the strategy, which, however, will be a big challenge, […]

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ECONOMY 2 Development of Polish Agri-Food Foreign Trade during COVID-19 pandemic – Małgorzata Bułkowska  view more The article presents changes in Polish foreign trade in agri-food products in 2020 and the prospects for its further development in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the restrictions introduced in the economy, difficulties in the transport of […]

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ECONOMY 2 Sector of Fruit and Vegetable Juices and Beverages in Poland – Iwona Szczepaniak, Bożena Nosecka (DOI 10.15199/65.2021.6.1)  view more The article presents the level and changes in the production of concentrated juices as well as fruit and vegetable drinking juices, nectars and beverages in Poland in the years 2011-2020. The trends in the […]

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ECONOMY 2 Brexit: The Agreement Between the EU and The UK Allows to Avoid Chaos in Poland’s Agri-Food Trade with the UK – Łukasz Ambroziak (DOI 10.15199/65.2021.5.1)  view more The aim of the article is to describe selected elements of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom (TCA) and the […]

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ECONOMY 2 The Red Meat and Poultry Sector in Poland During The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic – Robert Mroczek  view more The article presents an assessment of the domestic red meat and poultry sector in 2020, which was under the pressure from the spreading COVID-19 pandemic and its negative impact on the global economy. According to […]

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ECONOMY 2 Food Enterprises on the Ranking List 2000 – Jadwiga Drożdż (DOI 10.15199/65.2021.3.1)  view more Food industry enterprises had a significant share in the turnover of companies listed on the ranking List 2000 published by Rzeczpospolita in November 2020. Sales revenues of entities from this sector accounted for approximately 12.5% of the turnover of […]