About us

</p>„Przemysł Spożywczy” (“Food Industry”)  (PL ISSN033-250X; e-ISSN 2449-996X) one of the best in Polish professional journals of technologists and managers of food industry sector. It is the oldest magazine in this sector, in Poland, which started the 73th year of publishing activity. We publish articles of the outstanding experts. They write about the technological, product and organizational innovations, increasing the competitivity of products and companies in respect of quality, health safety, energy consumption, packages and environmental protection. We inform about the prognoses and tendencies on the world and Polish food market, amendments in legislation, trends in nutrition, consumers’ preferences.We address our publications to: food manufacturers and distributors, standardization organizations and the bodies which deal with the control of food quality, units of central and regional administration and academic environment.

“Food Industry” is monthly periodical (up to 2500 copies/month, it is available in subscription and during the main fairs and conferences in Poland and some international fairs).

„Przemysłu Spożywczego” is published by Wydawnictwo Czasopism i Książek Technicznych SIGMA NOT Sp. z o.o. The association SITSpoż. is an owner of the title.

editor in chief mgr inż. Danuta Chyłek

sub-editor dr inż. Agnieszka Ognik
secretary of editorial office Elżbieta Olejarz
prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Krygier
consultant prof. dr hab. Antoni Rutkowski

Data contact:
„Przemysł Spożywczy”
Rakowiecka 36 str., 02-532 Warsaw, Poland
tel.: (+48) 22 606 38 47,tel./fax (+48) 22 849 53 33
e-mail: • przemspozywczy@sigma-not.pl